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Mauritania Id Card Front And Back

Mauritania Id Card Front And Back

Mauritania ID Card Front and Back

Mauritania, officially known as the Islamic Republic of Mauritania, is a country located in North Africa. It is known for its diverse culture, stunning landscapes, and unique wildlife. Like many countries, Mauritania issues identification cards to its citizens as a means of proving their identity and nationality. These ID cards are essential for everyday activities such as voting, opening a bank account, or accessing government services.

The front of a Mauritania ID card typically includes the following information:

1. Full name: This is the name of the cardholder as it appears on their birth certificate or other official documentation.
2. Date of birth: The cardholder’s date of birth is included to confirm their age and identity.
3. Nationality: The ID card will state that the holder is a citizen of Mauritania.
4. National ID number: Each citizen is assigned a unique ID number that is used for identification purposes.
5. Gender: The card will state whether the holder is male or female.
6. Photo: A photograph of the cardholder is included to visually confirm their identity.
7. Signature: The cardholder’s signature may also be included as an additional means of verification.

The back of a Mauritania ID card usually includes the following information:

1. Issuing authority: This is the government department or agency responsible for issuing the ID card.
2. Issue and expiry dates: The dates when the ID card was issued and when it expires.
3. Machine-readable zone: A section of the card that contains information encoded in a format that can be read by machines.
4. Additional security features: Mauritania ID cards may also include holograms, watermarks, or other security features to prevent counterfeiting.
5. Emergency contact information: In some cases, emergency contact information may be included on the back of the card.

It is important to note that the specific details included on a Mauritania ID card may vary depending on the issuing authority and the purpose of the card. Some ID cards may include additional information such as address, occupation, or blood type.

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